Symptoms We Treat

  • Posture-related complaints

  • Back and neck pain

  • Shoulder and arm pain

  • Hip, knee, foot and ankle pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Sprains and strains

  • Arthritis and chronic pain

  • Rehabilitation after Orthopaedic surgery

  • Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation for bladder, bowel and prolapse issues in women

  • Stress urinary incontinence

  • Treatments Offered

    Physiotherapy is effective in treating a wide range of conditions. It is a science based practice that aims to treat the whole patient, through education, touch and exercise. Research has shown that movement turns on tissue repair and exercise is fundamental to health.

    A large proportion of the population live with chronic health conditions which affect their quality of life and behaviour. Physiotherapy can be used to help these conditions as well as recent injuries and acute onset of painful conditions.

    Treatments are tailored to the individual and may comprise of a combination of the following:

      Advice & Education

      Joint & Soft Tissue Mobilisations

      Individually planned exercise programs

      Sports and Holistic massage


      Electrotherapy – ultrasound and TENS

      Taping and Strapping

      Pelvic Floor assessment and treatment/span>

      Home visits post- surgery for guided rehabilitation

    Images of treatments offered

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    Our Prices

      Initial Physiotherapy Session (up to one hour) £46

      Follow Up Treatment (30 minutes) £36

      Home Visit £50

      Sports and Holistic Massage With Hannah (60 minutes) £35